Painting & Graphics

CALCRAFT offers interior and exterior painting to commercial, retail, industrial, municipal, and institutional entities.  Offering water and oil-based paints, elastomeric coating, epoxies, and polyurethanes, we can spray, brush, or roll it with ease.  Whether it is steel, sheet metal, plastic, stone, asphalt, wood, or drywall, we can clean it and paint it

We also specialize in graphic installations on gas pumps, canopies, windows, glass, and interior graphics.  CALCRAFT can professionally paint and apply your graphics for you.

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Exterior painting on retail plaza.
Fresh Paint on Retail Complex
           Fresh Paint on Hertz Parking Lot at Salt Lake City International Airport
Freshly Painted Hertz Parking Lot
           Full Painting and graphics on Chevron Service Station
Painting Fascia on Chevron Canopy

Interior painting at Circle K convenience store, Professionally Installed Graphics in Circle K Convenience Store
Interior Paint & Graphics At Circle K
           Exterior Paint and graphics on ampm convenience store
Exterior Paint & Graphics On ampm
           Exterior paint refresh on Utility canopy, Industrial, Commercial, and municipal entities
Paint Touch-Up On Utility Canopy